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Why Upwward?

What's Inside?

About us

We have a holistic approach that combines strategy, design, and people development.
We build real partnerships with our clients to create work that combines a negotiated blend of their brand, business, and customer goals with a new vision and unique thinking.

Who Do We Work With?

We use research and data combined with human-centered design methodologies and honest conversations to create visionary strategies, industry-defining experiences, breakthrough brands, strong team cultures, and impactful leadership mindsets.

We know that we must look beyond the creative work to help clients create the organizational structures, team support, and processes that will make it successful and sustainable in the long term.

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B2B / B2C

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Health Care


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Our Impact

The approach and strategies have a quantifiable, lasting impact on people, teams, and organizations serious about innovation. It has left a significant impact on clients’ businesses and their organizational structures.  

Increased brand awareness from 20% to 70% using analytic tools, and 40% increase in search engine optimization.

Zoe, Akyea & Co., 2022

Designed best websites for 20+ clients

Includes businesses, entrepreneurs, brands, and leaders, 2018 – 2024

30% increase in website traffic within 6 months of launching the website leading to a 70% overall increase in online sales.

Carelife Essentials, 2020

Partnered with agencies to help bring their digital designs to the market.

360 Degree Design Agency in Nigeria and others.

A combination of 20% increase in website traffic, 15% in conversion rate contributed to the financial growth in 2021.

Iken Auto Tech, 2018

Proud to have #Collaborated and worked with these #Teams

Our clients are some of today’s most forward-thinking organizations. They trust us to help solve their most complex, business-critical product and innovation challenges.

Then, we teach them how to do what we do—internally, independently, and on-demand—by sharing our proven practices, tactics, and tools for collaboration and innovation.

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